How to Run a Successful Fundraiser

There is more riding on your group’s fundraiser than you are probably aware. If you’re successful, you will not only raise the money your program needs; but also inspire your group, engage their parents, and garner community support.

Fall 2015 marks Treasure Valley Community College baseball team’s 30th year selling oranges and grapefruit. Every year TVCC raises more money than any other group I work with. Last year 40 boys raised over $27,000.

Below are steps Coach Aaron Sutton takes with his team to run his successful fundraiser. Followed in its entirety, you too can find similar success.

1. Mandatory Group Participation

Your group is a team working together towards a common goal. As such every student must participate regardless of their individual need to raise money.

2. Set Individual Sales Requirements for Group

Set a target and make it mandatory that every kid sells at least that amount.

3. Master the Sales Pitch

Not only is your group raising money, but they are also selling the community on your program. Share with your group How to Sell and How NOT to Sell Oranges.

4. Dress to Impress

Your kids are representing the group. Have them dress in uniforms, jackets, or hats when they are selling. Do NOT wear jeans or shorts. Look uniform!

5. Schedule Sales Blitz’s

Plan several outing for group to knock on doors together. Early evenings or weekends work best. Kids are competitive. Set individual goals before sending kids out. Map out community and divide into sections (pitchers, outfielders, sopranos, tenors, brass, wood winds, etc.) Send kids out in groups of 4 to cover 5 streets for no more than 2 hours at a time. NEVER SEND KIDS OUT ALONE. Meet afterwards for pizza or another group activity and review successes.

6. Collect Sales Log Sheets & Money Regularly

Kids will naturally put off fundraising. To ensure they are on track to reach their individual sales target collect Log Sheets at least twice a week. This will help them hold themselves accountable. Share with your Group How to Keep Track and How NOT to Keep Track.

Running a successful fundraiser takes time and a lot of hard work. Done right your group can make a lot of money making your time and energy worthwhile.

Be on the lookout for more successful fundraising tips this November from The Orange Guy.