So We Got a Cat

Last fall my oldest daughter told me The Orange Guy website needed a face lift.

I disagreed.

This fall The Orange Guy has a new website.

Reminds me of Jeff’s relationship advice to Adam on the pilot episode of Rules of Engagement when he says, ‘She wanted a cat. I didn’t want a cat. So we compromised and … got a cat.’

All joking aside, we have been working hard to create a new online experience that reaches the old timers and young guns alike (and everyone in between). The website has a fresh look and feel and is compatible on any device using any browser.

Last fall we pushed out our very own mini-series titled ‘How to and How NOT to Fundraise.’ Using humor these short instructional videos are a great resource for leaders to show their group good fundraising etiquette. Go to How to Sell to watch for yourself.

This fall we are excited to announce our blog. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about fundraising and will communicate some of these ideas throughout the selling season to help you make the most of your fundraiser.

Looking forward to another great fundraising season!

Mike – The Orange Guy